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Could singers Victoria Monét and Kelly Rowland be related? The two beloved entertainers have a lot more in common than they would have imagined. Check out a clip of this intimate conversation from Rolling Stones fifth annual “Musicians on Musicians” cover story inside. 

Victoria Monét and Kelly Rowland sat down for the Rolling Stone’s “Musicians on Musicians” package to discuss music, motherhood and their many shared interests.

“So to have you there telling me advice, just as you were doing it as well, was just lovely. I have to give you your flowers just for being a great human being in addition to being a great musician,” Monét reflects on her first time meeting Rowland back in 2021.

The two compliment one another several times throughout the interview.

“Thank you so much. My favorite thing about you is what I feel in your music,” responds Rowland. “I feel like you are warm. I always feel like there’s so many levels to your music and when we get that version of you, as a mom, as a writer, as an artist, as a performer — like, ‘She’s the truth.’ It’s so awesome to hear that. And it’s dope to me that you’re like, ‘I grew up with your music,’ and now I’m listening to yours. And my children are listening to your music. Your music really transcends through generations.”

What really shocked us most about their intimate conversation is that Monét suggested the two could be related.

“We could be,” Monét shared in their conversation. “I found out that your dad’s last name is Lovett, and my family’s last name is Lovett. We have Lovett Funeral Home in Mobile, Alabama.”

The “On My Mama” singer suggested they go ahead and take 23andMe DNA test to determine if they are in fact, related.

“Yes! My heart is racing right now. Victoria, that is wild. Are you serious?…This is really blowing my mind. So it’s your dad’s side?,” said a shocked Kelly. Victoria clarifed, “It’s actually my mom’s side. We’re similar in a lot of ways, just as far as our upbringing. I met my dad for the first time in my twenties. We met at an Atlanta hotel.… We went a lot of our years without our fathers present. And I just wanted to know, like, how was that for you? For me, it was a lot of questioning, like, ‘Why don’t I have what other kids have?’ That question about if I’m wanted, and then later learning the full story.”

The two also discussed parenting and music. Victoria is a newer mommy with her adorable and extremely talented toddler daughter named Hazel. While Rowland is a veteran mommy with two sons Titan (9) and Noah (2).

“When my kids are listening to music now, it varies. I remember Titan went through this phase where he watched some song,” the Destiny’s Child alumna shared. “He went from that to Drake. But then we had to change it up and find the right version of it without the curse words. So now his playlist is like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, 21 Savage, to ‘Best Day of my Life,’ to Maroon 5. I’m like, what just happened?”

The Jaguar entertainer added, “You know what? It’s really cool, though, for him to have that. Hazel’s not at the age where she can understand like, if I played Ariana [Grande]…. She knows Mommy, though. She knows my voice. It’s really sweet. She’s like, ‘I wanna hear Mama’s song.’ So I’m like, ‘Well, my songs, baby, are talking about smoking.’ Like, I need a Kidz Bop.“

The conversation between the two songbirds is just one of many hosted by the publication. On the cover, are rappers Snoop Dogg and Latto, who discuss the significance of Hip-Hop across generations. Additionally, Rema chats with Swizz Beatz, Grimes with Aespa, Big Boi with J.I.D., Becky G with Thalia, and Omar Apollo with Lindsey Buckingham.

Check out the clip of the two songstresses below:

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