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Bow Wow Claims A Dancer Finessed Him Out Of A $1,000 Apple Pay Tip At Atlanta Strip Club
Bow Wow says that he still gets taken advantage of.
During a recent interview, Bow was asked, “Given your history with women, what advice would you give to a successful man to avoid him from being trapped by a woman?”
After his initial concise response — “wear a condom” — the rapper admitted that  he still runs into trouble with women, especially in strip clubs.

“I’m in a famous club in Atlanta. I’m lit, right, and you know when you lit that’s when you can get taken advantage of. I’m like ‘Yo, I’mma Apple Pay your tip. You feel me?  I’m going to send you a tip.
I’m out,’” He recalled telling a dancer.
“When I sobered up the next day, do you know what the request was for? A $1000,” he said.
“This is a girl I didn’t even smash. Like we don’t even kick it like that. I only see you in the club. Like we got an in-club relationship … we don’t even have nothing outside of the club.”
  • How have you personally been taken advantage of?

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