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John Wall Contemplated Suicide Following His Mother's Passing

Source: Winslow Townson / Getty / John Wall

John Wall took the passing of his mother very hard and considered even taking his own life.

*Trigger warning: this story pertains to descriptive accounts of suicide attempts.*

Spotted on TMZ Sports, former Washington Wizards star John Wall opened up about moments he wanted to take his own life.

In a recent episode of The OGs podcast, Wall revealed to fellow NBA hoopers Mike Miller and Undonis Haslem that he suffered a great deal following the passing of his mother, who succumbed to breast cancer.

Wall revealed losing his mother, whom he considered his “best friend,” led to him putting a gun to his head on two occasions but ultimately deciding not to pull the trigger because of his two sons.

Per TMZ Sports:

“My mom was my best friend,” the 33-year-old said.

“I put a gun to my head twice, and a lot of people that are close to me, friends at the time, didn’t know.”

Wall explains dealing with his mom’s death was his “darkest moment,” combined with a litany of injuries after signing a $170 million contract extension with the Wizards.

But, Wall chose not to pull the trigger … ’cause he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving his two sons behind.

“If I take myself away from this Earth, I’m failing my kids, like, who gon’ be able to raise them,” Wall said.

“I know I gotta be there for them.”

John Wall Is Currently In Therapy

Wall revealed he went to see a therapist and is still actively in therapy and advocates for other men who are struggling with their mental health to do the same.

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