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In honor of Black Music Month we would like to spotlight some of the local artists that are making impact. Today we feature TJD and Testimony.


n honor of Black Music Month, Fly Paper has been honoring and remembering great or influential artists of our time. In just two days, we’ve featured major artists like Notorious BIG, Bob Marley, DJ Kool Herc, and Ray Charles; with more to come.

But we want to make sure we are extending the courtesy to the artists who may need it most; the black artists from right here in our city that deserve recognition too! It is so often that Fly Paper supports local artists by promoting their music, featuring them on our sites, providing free download links, and more. However, these things are mostly done for the rappers, hip hop artists, and R&B Singers from Columbus. This time will be a little different. Today we bring you some Gospel music! It is now that I formally introduce to you a group by the name of TJD and Testimony, growing right from our own home town.

Terrence J. Dooley (TJD) and Testimony are made up of: Terrence J. Dooley, LaTasha Washington, Qwalisha Wright, Keshia Streeter, Alicia Townsend, Caryn James, Robin Jones, Lynette Dooley, Taya Traylor, Victoria Mathis, Shawn Good, Charles Hadnot, Jynette Dooley, and David Phillips. This is quite a group! But together they are determined to spread the good word of God. They have recently released their first single entitled, “Provider”. The message is to teach and inspire their listeners by talking about how God is considered the supplier of all needs. The message goes on to teach others not to worry or stress because “there is nothing too hard for God to do!” The song was written by Terrence J. Dooley himself, and features a guitar solo from Ursula Butts. READ MORE