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Many will say that Mix Master Ice is a DJ, but not only is he a DJ, he is an important piece in the history of Hip Hop Music. For those who don’t know, Mix Master Ice was a DJ in the hip-hop group UTFO, most famous for their song Roxanne, Roxanne. Mix Master Ice was also known as “The Ninja” during onstage appearances.

Raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Mix Master Ice got his first touch of the turntables at a friend’s house in the Medgar Evers Projects in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1979 and began DJ’ing in 1980 after witnessing a DJ perform with MCs at an 8th grade school dance.

In the beginning, “DJ Ice” started a DJ crew with The Educated Rapper. After a couple of years of being submerged in the Hip Hop culture they joined forces with Kangol Kid and Dr. Ice to form the four member group U.T.F.O. (Untouchable Force Organization). The group signed with Select Records, which was a Full Force production deal. U.T.F.O. went on to release 5 albums between 1984 and 1991. The Master was influenced by many of the hip hop pioneers before him,.

Mix Master Ice is respected worldwide. The world showed this when he was inducted into the TECHNIC’S DMC DJ Hall of Fame in the year 2000http://www.dmcdjchamps.com/halloffame.asp[citation needed]. Some of the many DJs that have been influenced by the MIX MASTER include: DJ Premier (Gang Starr), Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike, DJ Scratch, Beat Junkies, and The Executioners[citation needed].

On December 19, 2007, Mix Master Ice debuted MMIRadio.com in association with Loud Stream Media. Shortly after the show reached the 15th largest hip-hop internet radio station in the world.

Mix Master Ice recently merged his personal production company, Ice Cold Productions with web media company Loud Stream Media. Now both under Ice Cold Enterprise, Ice Cold Enterprise offers a web division and much more. Ice is also an Honorary member of the Worldwide DJ organization, The Core DJ’s.

He currently lives in Columbus, OH. On Every Thursday And Friday He DJs at a the Second Wind Lounge, A local club. Later on Fridays and Saturdays, Mix Master Ice DJs at Doug’s Lounge, 2440 S. High St. in Columbus, OH.

Mix Master Ice debuted his own personal networking site, M.M.I. Fan Nation (a hip-hop social networking website) and Loud Stream Media which offers plans for independent musicians to gain exposure through internet radio, web presence. He is currently accepting bookings for his 28th Anniversary World Tour.