Hot off his hit lead single “Why Would You Stay,” R&B singer Kem has released his third studio album, “Intimacy: Album III,” via Motown Records. The disc is self-produced by Kem and features a duet with Maurissa Rose and poetic words by Jill Scott.

“I would describe my music as traditional R&B but I’m not mad at how anybody sees it,” said Kem. “How you hear it is how you hear it and if you’re hearing it, that’s the objective. Whatever they call it is cool. There are a lot of jazz overtones in it. It’s funky, smooth and soothing. What the listener takes from it is truly at their discretion. I consider myself to be a very successful artist particularly considering the music that we make and my audience is still broadening. There are a lot of people who still aren’t familiar with it, and we’ll reach those people. Everything is groovy and on the flip side, bigger is not always better. We’re right where we’re supposed to be.”

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