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Since 2000, Avant has been consistent with the message in his music, which has ranged from various topics including falling in love to heartbreak. He has proved time and time again that he possesses the ingredients of being a true R&B artist. Now ready to release his 6th solo album (his 1st under Verve Music Group/Universal), Avant delivers to his core audience what they have grown to love with his music and even giving them more.

The lead single “Kiss Goodbye,” produced by Eric Dawkins and Antonio Dixon, is a melodic tune that speaks about the insecurities some men face with their female companion. I am sure every man can relate. Avant sings: “if she kisses you, that’s your kiss goodbye.” The track “Wake Up” provides that classic Avant sound a’la “Don’t Take Your Love Away” and doubles as the soundtrack for anybodies morning wake up sex.

The Cajun-produced “Had Enough” is as club friendly as they come as Avant croons he ain’t going to stop till you had enough. On “Body Police”, Avant cleverly personifies a police officer to seduce his culprit and takes them in the 69th Precinct and charging them with DTS (damn too sexy). You’re listening to role playing at its finest.

“Where Do We Go” is Avant’s point of view on what’s wrong with relationshships today in this day and age. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace definitely gets slandered in this record. Sonically, “I’m That Dude” gives more of a pop feel but still stands strong as a winner. As he gets egotistical boasting to accept him for who he is because he’s that dude.

Avant metaphorically using one of the most used catch phrases from aspiring artists on “Hot 16”. If you are looking for a perfect wedding song, “Walking On Water” should be your pick. Getting in the mood to go out shouldn’t be an issue while listening to “Nightlife.” Ever been told by a female that she just wanted to be friends? Avant shares his real life encounter on “Your Body Is The Business”. How about seeing an old acquaintance who looks better now than in the past? The delightful “Graduated” embodies this common occurrence. Avant even challenges himself by remaking Total’s “Africa”.

The standout track “Never Give Up The Fight” is an uplifting composition. This is a song for everyone who has been through any kind of hardship.

Top to bottom the currently untitled album satisfies in more ways than one. So if you’re still sleeping on Avant, you need to wake up!