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How much money would you have to lose to sue your own child? Well Gloria Mackenzie was 84 years old when she won $590.5 million from the Powerball jackpot in 2013. She only took home $278 million after taxes but none of that matters now that she owes a lot of money. According to CNBC.com, […]

Just a year ago, a kid from Akron,Ohio revealed the opening of his very own I Promise School. That person is Lebron James who has won many awards and champions but the biggest achievement for him is changing the direction of Urban Public Education.     The schools offers support not just for the students […]

The one thing we all have in common is the functions of our brain. The brain is what operates every part of our being so we should always take care it. But what does caring for your brain look like? One way to do this would be to tune into a new series that Oprah […]


According to CNN.Com, there have been at least 31 incidents at K-12 schools in the United States in which someone was shot. That averages out to a shooting every 11.8 days. Many questions come to mind such as How are guns getting easily into the school? How can we find way to prevent gun violence? […]

Tommie Lee is a well known reality star from LHHATL and as most know she has spent a lot of her time in and out of jail. Her recent record was going to jail twice in less than 48 hours. She has a current child abuse case she is working through and wanting to find […]

We loved him so much in HBO’s hit series Insecure that they decided to bring him back for another season after another. Lawrence Walker who played the on and off love interest of Issa Rae has a lawsuit filed against him in real life as Jay Ellis. The actor is being sued by Luber Rolkin […]


According to National Association of Dental Plans, about 74 million Americans have no dental coverage. That is roughly 23%of the population. We often give more focus to our physical health and disregard our dental. So of course it was great news to know that Stowe Mission Of Central Ohio are now offering free dental clinic […]

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Magician Blaine who is a well-known magician is currently under investigation by New York Police Department for allegation for sexual assault. It has been reported that two women came forward with the accusation of sexual assault. According to abcnews.go.com, An NYPD spokesman said in a statement, “The NYPD takes sexual assault and rape cases extremely […]

Congrats are in order to new mother singer Kehlani, who gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend.   Although she didn’t reveal a picture of her daughter named Adeya Nomi she has shared the journey of being pregnant. Javaughn who is the father of the little bundle of job also shared his joy […]


Columbus has always been a artistic city with the brand” Columbus Makes Art”, In April, the city will get more artsy with an art installation experience called Otherworld. As you see above is a 32,000 squared foot attraction that is consumed with 40 rooms that has large-scale interactive art. According to WLWT5.com, It’s a new […]

At this point, I think everyone knows R.Kelly’s situation and that his biggest story line is that : He is broke broke. Despite the nasty allegations placed upon him he still has to work and apparently people still want to see him perform overseas. He has requested to perform next month in Dubai as well […]


COLUMBUS, Ohio — According to MyFox28Columbus.com,Columbus City Council approved $5.3 million to fund programs aimed at fighting the city’s homeless problem. The funding is set to pay for outreach programs, homeless shelters, long-term housing and more. City lawmakers were the master in approving this fund and it will be available right away. As shared on […]