Fashion designer Rachel Roy has been keeping up with the changing seasons as she releases her newest clothing line. She encourages traveling in the summer by making her new line especially comfortable for fun summer adventures. Take a look at Rachel Roy’s 2011 Summer Lookbook to see real girls going on summer journeys while rocking […]

Millenials and women were in the forefront of the tech world. Columbus is ranked 23rd in a recent study of the nation’s top tech-talents. The study’s senior economic advisor said this helps the city’s growth include higher wages and better jobs. “We came out with our annual tech talent survey which looks at the top […]

You had one job buddy! Drivers in Columbus are asking what the hell is a “Cinicinnati?” The road sign directing drivers to an I-71 ramp on 17th Avenue is supposed to be “Cincinnati,” but somebody misspelled the name of the city. A spokesperson with the Ohio Department of Transportation said the error is a contractor or manufacturer […]

https://www.instagram.com/p/BtZxgyIgTbQ/ Micah Dixon is here to stay and real to show what being a radio personality really entails. On top of radio she is also a full time mom, a business owner, and also is looking to rock out the Youtube world. You will get a glimpse into her life, her friends, and family, also […]

Three Mount Carmel pharmacists who either approved or failed to prevent large doses of pain medications from being administered to 28 near death patients are facing the potential of fines or minor misdemeanors charges. The pharmacists names are John O’ Connell, Nathan Kochheiser, and Gregory White. They were accused of failing to make sure all […]

A list of pet food manufactures are joining the list of those recalling pig-ear dog treats that has been linked to an outbreak of salmonella. Which has struck 143 people in 35 states. Accordion to 10 TV dog owners are being told to not purchase or feed pig ears to their pets. The U. S. […]

Join us for three events on June 2nd that bring our community together and celebrate our culture!  

We all one day want to find that ONE, that one person that God created for us. Some of us can’t handle the wait time that goes with it, some of us fall to damn easy, and some just make down right bad choices. Well according to Taraji P. Henson, the way she found out […]

As promised, Wendy’s will be bringing back their infamous spicy chicken nuggets later this summer. The fast-food chain announced in a tweet Monday that its popular spicy chicken nuggets will return Aug. 19. In May, Chance the Rapper’s tweeted a positive affirmation to bring back the nuggets. “Positive Affirmations for today: I WILL have a good […]