Have you been eating out? More people are feeling comfortable with eating out at restaurants especially since there is more availability for outside seating. Of course, you should still be very careful. Here are 4 safety tips for eating at restaurants during COVID… According to HuffPost, here are four tips on how to stay as […]

    In the long run, could the pandemic actually end up IMPROVING our lives in some ways?  There are several things that have changed because of the pandemic and honestly, most of us wouldn’t mind keep it that way, permanently. Here are five good changes we’ve had to make that we want to keep, […]

If you’re planning to take a road trip on Friday or Saturday for Labor Day weekend then expect to have some company on the road.  60% of Americans are planning to travel for Labor Day this weekend. According to research by Cars.com, 60% of Americans are planning to travel this weekend . . . that’s […]

Rapper Master P is never afraid to try new ventures. The entrepreneur has launched a line of  food products, called, “Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned.” Master P said he launched the products to offer consumers a Black-owned alternative to brands that use Black names and imagery, but often don’t give back to Black communities. According to […]

Welcome to September! There are a lot of great things happening in this month and we have a list below. Check it out:   According to TheCompleteSheet, here are five things you can look forward to in September . . 1.  The first day of fall is September 22nd.   2.  It’s a HUGE month […]

Divorce lawyers across the nation said that they saw a huge increase in the number of couples of seeking a separation since the pandemic began. COVID-19 is causing havoc in some relationships. Here’s a list of 45 Celebrity Couples that Have Split During the Quarantine….   JustJared.com has a list of 45 celebrity couples who […]

You’ve heard the saying opposites attract, but the question is, do they last?  A new survey asked 2,000 people to name the most important things you need to have in common in a relationship.  Here are the top ten answers . . .   According to Yahoo.com, here are the Top 10 Things to Have in […]

Last night (August 20th), Megan Thee Stallion went on Instagram and told us what we already had suspicions of. She confirmed that Tory Lanez is the person that shot her last month after an argument. Check out her emotional video below: *****EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*****   According to her IG Live video, Megan said, “I’m over this sh*t. I […]

Drink Up! We know that alcohol sales have increased tremendously since the start of the pandemic. Now you can get your drink on without worrying about those dreaded after effects..There’s a new study out that claims that it has the cure to hangovers. According to Bloomberg, a group of researchers in Finland just wrapped up […]

Cardi B had a big interview, the raptress interviewed former VP Joe Biden for Elle Magazine.  In the remote conversation between the two, Cardi B advocated for policies like Medicare-for-All — which Biden doesn’t support — and racial justice. Check out the interview below: According to TheWeek, Cardi told Biden,“First and first, let me keep […]

Kim K to the rescue. Kim took to Twitter to reveal that she is teaming up with singer Monica and others to help free rapper C- Murder. C-Murder has spent nearly a decade in prison after he was accused of killing a teenager at a New Orleans club. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility […]

Flu season is coming up, and experts are predicting it to be one of the worst ones ever. So, here is some info that you may want to know.  A new study looked at the order COVID-19 symptoms usually happen.  And it’s different than the flu. According to StudyFinds, they symptoms don’t all happen in […]