Many of us wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat! The dreaded ‘night sweats’, no one know why it happens if your lying still in bed, but it does. Some are saying, to get rid of the sweats, to simply put your sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes […]

If your a tall guy, you may want to read this. Tall people might be more likely to contract COVID-19, according to a new study. According to the DailyMail, data from 2,000 people in the U.K. and U.S. shows that men over 6-feet tall were twice as likely to be diagnosed with the virus. Women […]

Now that we have all experienced the greatness of working a non-flexible schedule, would you return to the schedule you had in the past? We have to admit, we are super spoiled now that we’ve gotten a taste of what a flexible work schedule feels like. It make you wonder how you tolerated your old […]

Have you been making burrito’s at home and even thought they’re good, you can’t get them to taste as good as the restaurants do? Well, I got some hacks for you try at home so that you feel like you made your burrito in the kitchen of a the finest Mexican restaurants. Obviously the filling […]

The pandemic has taken a major toll on everyone and that includes many establishments. Yelp is reporting that a large percentage of restaurants that shut down temporarily at the beginning of the pandemic are not able to reopen and they are closed permanently. According to Mashable, Yelp’s Economic Average report shows that of the 26,160 […]

The burning question that no one has an immediate answer to is, how to handle schools reopening in the fall amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Federal, state and local officials are still trying to figure that out and parents, students, and teachers are anxious. Meanwhile, only 10% of Americans feel that schools should fully reopen […]

We’ve been in this pandemic for several months now and it is still taking a toll on us. If you’re still having a hard time coping, here’s something for you. A poll was taken by 500 workers who gave their personal advice on the skill they used to keep moving forward and make it through […]

Gasp!! A black woman was caught on tape defacing the Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower in New York City. Take a look at the video below: According to The Daily Mail, the woman has been indentified as Beverlyn Beatty. In the video, Beatty is shouting “Refund the Police!” Then, she pours black […]

Beyonce fans have been waiting for the official trailer to ‘Black is King’ to drop and now it’s finally here. Parkwood Entertainment and Disney+ released the new trailer and poster for the visual, which will premiere globally on July 31st on Disney+. Check it out below: The new film is based on the music of The […]

Lockdown has given us a lot of at home time with our families, which is a great thing. Many parents are taking advantage of that time by investing into their kids. Here are a list of some of the top ways parents are bonding with their children. According SWNS, a new survey asked people to […]

Evelyn Lozada had a tearful breakdown on social media yesterday (July 16th) as she explained how hurt she is over some recent comments made by her ex husband, Chad Johnson. She also expressed how it wasn’t the first and only time that he abused her. Watch Evelyn’s video below: Evelyn’s video is in response to […]

Even though we are still going through a worldwide pandemic, there are some good things that have come from it. It’s not all bad. Here a few good news stories to make you smile.   Here’s are a few good news stories from the outbreak . . . 1.  People are quitting smoking in record […]