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Tonight’s ‘Thursday Night Special’ brings a guest we’re very honored to have on Love And R&B With John Monds. Tune in tonight at 7pm for a special interview with President Barack Obama you don’t want to miss! Then in the 8 o’clock hour we’ll spin some hits you know and love that are based on the […]

We’ve got a free concert just for you! Tune in at 7pm and get ready for the sounds of the funky bank ConFunkShun! One of the group’s members Felton Pilate will celebrate his 64th birthday on Saturday 11/5 so let’s get the party started early in his honor. Here’s one of the group’s latest cuts […]

Thank you for tuning into Love and R&B With John Monds! RIGHT NOW t we’re playing the hits from the trailblazing year 1991 so tune in!  Feel free to chime in at 844-258-8762 or post your comments below in response to this #OHSOREALScenario: Harry and Farrah have been married for 8 years. The do not […] Anyone up for a ride back down memory lane to the year 1991? Tonight Love And R&B will be your tour guide as we reminisce with music by your favorite artists of the early 90s. Keep it locked and tune in at 7pm. For now here’s a throwback video that climbed the 91’ R&B […]

Now that you’ve braved it through Monday, it’s time for some #LoveAndRnB! Stay tuned for music picks from Raquel Hirsch and call us at 844-258-8762 with your advice for this couple’s #OHSOREALScenario: Justin and Sharay are both 24 and have dated since the second year of college. After graduating last spring, they decided to move […]

Welcome to another My Music Monday here at Love and R&B With John Monds! Tonight’s featured host is listener Raquel Hirsch. She’s put together an impressive playlist and we’ll get to hear her picks at 8pm. Join us at 7pm and invite a friend or two for the fun. For now let’s take the Soul Train back […]

Thanks for capping off your #SundayFunday with Love And R&B With John Monds! We’re going to keep it mellow for tonight and set the mood before you begin your work week. Call 844-258-8762 with your requests and starting at 8:40pm we’ll begin taking your advice for tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario: Martin and Tammy are both 38 and […]

Get your week off to a good start with some Love and R&B! Tonight we’re bringing back the goodies from yesteryear with a segment called ‘Sunday Night Classics’. Join us at 7pm through midnight for the music you won’t hear anywhere else. There are many artists that put out classic songs. But how many of […]

The trick or treater’s will be out in full force this weekend for Halloween. We hope everyone who’s going out has a great time. Turn up your radio’s RIGHT NOW for the Thursday Night Special featuring the keyword “Bobby.” Call 844-258-8762 with any requests or to share your advice on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario: Peter has been seeing […]

Thanks for sticking with Love And R&B throughout the week. We’re almost to this week’s finish line and tonight we’ve got a special R&B delivery. Join us at 8pm for a special playlist of songs based on the keyword “Bobby”. To get things started, here’s a song that is noted as being one of the […]

Thanks for tuning in on this #WCW. Today we’re crushing on the birthday girl who is now 36 year old, the talented singer Monica. We’re playing several of her hits starting RIGHT NOW! Feel free to call in at 844-258-8762 with your Monica requests and advice on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario: 41 year old Bernard had 3 children […]

It’s half-time for the work week and we’ve got all the Rhythm and Blues you can stand to get you to the 2nd half. Tonight we’re celebrating the belated birthday of R&B singer Monica who just turned 36 years old on Monday. Stick with us for a Monica jam session beginning at 8 o’clock. Here’s […]