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  DFW’s own Erykah Badu is trending after 18-year-old daughter Puma Curry posted a photo of her and her mom showing off their bodies. The photos are going viral and has everyone in a chokehold. It’s giving very ” Get it from my mama” vibes, and we are here for it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CnvX_NkL_s4/?igshid=MWI4MTIyMDE= Now, one thing […]

Ahead of Janet Jacksons Together Again World Tour featuring Rapper Ludacris; the iconic singer and dancer will be implementing new ways to protect those on tour with her. According to the Daily Mail The singer will reportedly issue “#MeToo Check” for various members apart of the tour in effort to weed out any problematic people […]

 Here we pay homage to all of the famous black people who have passed away in 2022. May they all Rest In Peace 

Aaron Dean, the cop who is responsible for the 2019 fatal shooting of 28-year-old Atatiana  Jefferson, has been sentenced to almost 12 years in prison after the jury found him guilty of manslaughter. The former Ft. Worth police officer who killed Jefferson as she innocently played a video game with her nephew, was sentenced to […]

The power of social media is undeniable, especially in the music industry. It’s no secret Gen Z and TikTok are responsible for a lot of songs going viral with dances and challenges. Related: 22 Trending TikTok Sounds of 2022 In fact, record labels are more attracted to artists that have the the appeal of the […]

  It was a great amount of music produced in 2022, but what sets artists and creatives apart are dope visuals that enhance the overall listening experience. While there are many factors that make up a quality video, we focused on the visuals that truly stood out in 2022.  The storyline,  breathtaking shots, dance choreography […]

I had a chance to talk with my long-time friend Bow Wow about a few things. Shad shares some of his business moves with his hair products and partnership with Slingshot. He also spoke about a documentary he’s been working on that would answer many questions about decisions he’s made throughout his career such as […]

Some caused a public scandal, while others made money off of their infidelities.  Some of the ladies ended the relationships and some were brought closer because of the cheating.

Comedian Kelly Kellz speaks with Sean Anthony about growing up in Milwaukee; doing stand-up while balancing motherhood, and her time at Central State University. She also spoke about her influence on social media and how it has impacted her career.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the undisputed champion when it comes to Christmas songs, but it may also pose some legal trouble for the singer

Ohio is the home to many award-winning black artists and groups

Cleveland Rapper, Auntie Piggy is currently recovering from being shot multiple times stemming from an altercation that took place in her hometown. Just one week prior to Piggy being shot, she stopped through Columbus for a show and made sure she sat down with Sean Anthony.  The two talked about her beginnings in Cleveland. She […]