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The ‘Stimulus 2020 Package‘ is making it easier for  Americans struggling with the financial fallout from COVID-19. You can now  draw on the trillions of dollars in your 401 K and other retirement accounts with no withdrawal penalty. For a limited time, Americans will be able to withdraw money from tax-deferred accounts without penalties under […]

So, how have you been passing the time while you are social distancing? People who aren’t coupled up and living with a partner are likely having a lot of time alone and as a result the sales of sex toys are up. According to Mashable, Sex toy site Adam & Eve, which claims to be […]

At least 82,401 people in the United States have been infected with coronavirus, according to yesterday’s count by Johns Hopkins. That is a larger number than any other nation in the world, although Italy and China have only slightly lower levels of infection. An estimated 1,180 deaths have been recorded nationwide as of late yesterday. […]

There may be a new housewife to join the franchise! Caitlyn Jenner says she would definitely consider joining the Housewives franchise. Her favorite franchise is the RHOBH.     Jenner told ET, “I did watch an episode with you two nights ago, and I honestly kind of got into it. You know, I’ve done reality […]

Bill Cosby’s lawyers are on their job and have decided to file a motion to get him out of the clink. They are requesting that he is put under house arrest amid reports that at least one prison officer has tested positive for coronavirus. Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told Page Six, “We believe it is only a matter […]

Are you practicing social distancing and it’s starting to drive you just a little bit crazy? Here’s some help, two former astronauts have provided you with seven tips on how to self isolate and not lose your mind. According to Huffington Post, former Space Station commander Chris Hadfield got on YouTube and shared some pointers on […]

Here’s a little good news for ya! If you’ve procrastinated on getting a Real ID-compliant driver’s license, you’re getting an extension. Nobody wants to see lines at the DMV right now.   According to Forbes, President Trump said during yesterday’s news briefing on the coronavirus crisis, “We are postponing the deadline for compliance with Real […]

The lock down of Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus initially took hold, will be lifted on April 8, Chinese authorities said. According to CNN, nobody has been allowed to leave or enter Wuhan since January 23rd, more than two months after the city was first sealed off from the outside world. The drastic […]

Isn’t this amazing news? The biggest landlord in Detroit is giving small businesses a huge break during this pandemic. Free Rent!!!! Dan Gilbert, a billionaire and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, made the announcement yesterday through his company, Bedrock, that he will waive rent, expenses and parking fees for all of his small business tenants […]

Dionne Warwick is known as an entertainer but she also made herself famous by the official spokeswoman for ‘The Psychic Friends Network’ back in the day. Recently, Warwick was asked did she actually believe in the ability of psychics within the network and why she decided to promote it. Check out her answer below. According […]

Dr. Phil has a message on how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stop Cheatin! All that humpin around spreads the disease from person to person. Dr. Phil appeared in a video call with TMZ Live, where he shared his disgust with people that are cheating, calling them selfish, immature and reckless. Dr. Phil says […]

We all know how important washing our hands is.  But DRYING them is important too. So if you still have to be out in public and need to use a bathroom here are some tips to do it properly and effectively. According to BusinessInsider, When your hands are wet or even damp, they pick up […]