Juelz Santana and Kimbella Announce That They Are Expecting Their 3rd Child Together! Congrats are in order! Kimbella and Juelz Santana have announced that they are pregnant! The announcement was made on the Love and Hip Hop Reunion show. Juelz is still set to serve 27 month prison sentence, although an agreement was reached to […]

Got Milk???  Super Twin Tia Mowry does and she gave some to her twin sister Tamera! Apparently, Tamera was feeling too well and need a sure-fire remedy to get her over her sickness. We all know that breast milk is full of all the good stuff that boost your immune system so she guzzled down […]

Should Buckeye QB Dwayne Haskins stay or should he go? That is the question. Haskins, who finished third for the Heisman Trophy this season, could make the jump to the NFL after the Rose Bowl.

In Cincinnati, officials are trying to figure how two inmates overdosed while in jail. Their biggest concern is how the drugs got into the jail in the first place, according to ABC6OnYourSide.com. The inmates were revived with naloxone and transported to the nearest medical facility. Reports say that the found more drugs inside of the […]

  A 3-year-old girl died in an accidental shooting outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. More specifically in Mount Healthy, Ohio.   There are not many details on the situation. The investigation is still going on. The gun was legally owned by the residents and is now in custody. The shooting occurred Friday afternoon. The toddler lived with […]

The National Museum of Music last day will be Saturday October 6th.,2018. It will then be closed for 3 years because the museum is adding 16,000 square feet. The museum has been under the same roof for 45 year.  They have 15,000 artifacts but, they are only showing 1200 as of now. They want to […]

The tech company just announced a 15 dollar minimum wage for all worker across the country. This pay raise will happen for amazon employees November 1st. they want to create a world where everyone is living comfortably off of minimum wage. The company is even lobbying to have the federal minimum wage to increase. The […]

The Governor of California, Gov. Jerry Brown, signed a Bill telling companies they have to follow some kind of fair playing on the internet. What they want to get out the bill the Governor just passed is to push the national government to do the same and create an even playing field for companies on […]

There is a celebration for the Italian community this weekend. it has been running since 1980. Its a 3 day celebration where anyone can indulge in the Italian culture. It will be held in the Italian village starting Friday. It is 5 dollars to get in to the festival. The festival hours are 5 pm-11pm […]

Columbus city Schools is having a community meeting over the possible closing of Mifflin Middle School. The proposal for the school is to move the school to Linden-McKinley High school and split it between Mifflin and Medina Middle school. They want higher populations in these schools because with more students they can offer more academic […]