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If you want to get some beauty inspiration for makeup looks, take a peek at some of the best beauty icons out there today! There are so many stylish and gorgeous celebs that offer some fabulous inspiration for us to do our makeup. Even if you don’t particularly like a celebrity, you can still appreciate […]

The Body Issue is ESPN The Magazine’s annual celebration of athletes’ amazing bodies.   Let’s take a look at the superstars that made this year’s issue. SOURCE RELATED::Upgrade Me: Jet Magazine Gets A New Look, Logo RELATED::‘Was Keyshia Cole and Boobie Gibson Marching in Cleveland?’- HUGGY

Beyonce is naked and majestic on the cover of the latest issue of Flaunt magazine. In the African-themed photos, shot in 2011 by Tony Duran for the R&B star’s Year of 4 campaign, Queen B is covered in paint and glitter as she shows off her curvaceous figure. We’re not sure why Flaunt waited so long to release […]

You what’s better than having a banger? Having a banger that’s willing to get really freaky with you. If you’re lucky to be with these…

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 We often watch others go through their ups & downs in their relationships, and it looks so crazy until we are in the same situation. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. How about if the same thing is a person? Relationships are dynamic and complex…it is more complex than black and […]

Miguel in many respects is a new artist, especially when you talk about him in relation to a legend such as Marvin Gaye. This comparison is not to dilute the legacy of the great Mr. Marvin Gaye … it is more to inspire and show how his influence has spawned new extraordinary talent that gives […]