According to TMZ, Dustin Diamond a.k.a. Screech (Saved By the Bell) is behind bars … after he was arrested in Wisconsin for allegedly stabbing a man with a switch blade. The Ozaukee County Sheriff says Diamond was arrested early Friday morning for possession of a switch blade, reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon. Read more […]

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  Increasingly a fashion icon as much as a musical one, Kanye West has been voted GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, facing off against Idris Elba in…


According to Fox 28, stores across central Ohio are preparing for the hustle and bustle of the retail world, the day after Christmas. Retail experts say crowds of post Christmas shoppers will be out today to get all the bargains.  Stores will also be busy with shoppers returning Christmas gifts. Target officials at the Lennox […]

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According to the New York Post, a  passenger was tossed off a plane at La Guardia Airport on Tuesday after flipping out — because airline workers wished him a Merry Christmas. The man was waiting to board American Airlines Flight 1140 to Dallas when a cheerful gate agent began welcoming everyone with the Yuletide greeting while […]


Aren’t these some cute little gifts?! According to ABC News, some of the best Christmas gifts fit in stockings and babies born around the holidays are no exception. That’s why babies born at Magee-Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center get special stockings if they’re in the hospital on Christmas Day. Parents spending […]

If you’re looking for a great film to get your mind off the holiday shopping “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies” might be it. Watch this edition of Ticket or Skip It in the video below to hear our review of the movie, and why this is one of the better Hobbit movies to date! […]


According to Madame Noir, Lifetime is taking a break from biopics and getting back to it’s roots with a new romantic comedy starring some of our favorite ladies on the big screen. On January 24, the network will premiere “With This Ring,” a story about three single friends — Regina Hall, Eve, and Jill Scott […]


How cute is this little girl? She sure knows how to strike a pose. According to The Huffington Post, Target released an ad for a $49 children’s activity cube featuring a 2-year-old model, Izzy Bradley, of Stillwater, Minnesota, wearing a frilly pink and purple dress, Yahoo News reported. The toddler, who has Down syndrome, was chosen for […]