HIV/AIDS is no respecter of race, class or celebrity status. People of African descent know this better than anyone. Black people worldwide are disproportionately affected…

Joe Jackson has been making headlines lately for his young women and family drama, but now he is getting the spotlight because of his failing…

Character is what you do when no one is watching. But a stranger was watching New York Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo when he decided to buy a barefoot homeless man a pair of new boots on a cold night earlier this month. “The two things that really stuck out in my mind that night was […]


Evelyn “Champagne King” singer, and Grammy Winning R&B Diva.    She went on to become one of the most popular R&B and disco singers of the late seventies and early eighties. Some of her best known songs include Shame“I’m in Love” and “Love Come Down.” Evelyn “Champagne” King was discovered while working as an office cleaner at […]

Rihanna is at it again. She recently posted a picture of a man who has a striking resemblance to Chris Brown. With all the latest drama, it wouldn’t be surprising is it was him! Are they flaunting it or is it not really Breezy? Like Magic 106.3 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original […]

  Pretty sure we’ve found Popeye, and he’s been hiding in the gym! Check out the Egyptian weight lifter Moustafa Ismail, who is known for having the largest upper arms. His biceps are 31 inches around, enough to draw the attention of the Guinness World Records. Check him out in the video below! Source Like Magic 106.3 on Facebook […]

What golf club on God’s green earth would dare ban the greatest NBA player that ever lived?  Well, the New York Post reports that the powers-that-be at the oh-so-posh La Gorce Country Club in Miami had the unmitigated audacity to ban Michael Jordan (pictured but not wearing the shorts in question) from their course because…he was sporting cargo shorts! Say what? SEE ALSO: Andrew […]

Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan‘s father spoke to The Power Morning Crew in Columbus. Ohio to talk about Lindsay’s new movie.  Michael praises Lindsay’s performance as Elizabeth Taylor but quickly begins to reveal their family’s ugly past. Listen to Michael Lohan describe why Lindsay needs help , her relationship with Charlie Sheen, and why she ended up in trouble […]


Bobbi Kristina play brother/lover Nick Gordon have called it quits.  Bobbi hacked into Nick’s Twitter account and found out about Nick seeing other women.  Move on baby girl….better days are ahead!  Check out Bobbi Kristina Reality TV Show The Houstons “On Our Own” on Wednesday evening on Lifetime.

Joseph “Joe” Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family and former manager of the Jackson 5, has suffered a stroke — as first reported and confirmed by a close family insider. “He’s in ‘serious’ condition. Joe has been struggling with his health a lot over the past three or four months,” said the source. “The […]

The 3 Things You Need for a Rock-Solid Relationship By Healthy Relationship Requirement #1: A Strong, Healthy Body I’m talking about muscle strength. You…