Register to Win a $500 Lowe’s Shopping Spree in the Columbus Healthy Homes Contest. The City of Columbus Housing Division cares about its residents.  That’s why we’re partnering with Lowe’s to give away a $500 Lowe’s home improvement shopping spree to help keep your home – and everyone in it – healthier! For more Healthy […]

Thanks for registering to win the $500 Lowe’s shopping spree! Brought to you by the City of Columbus Housing Division along with our partners Radio One and Lowe’s For more Healthy Homes information visit: Add this to your favorites!

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OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES CONTEST DESCRIPTION: The ColumbusHealthyHomes Giveaway contest (“Contest”) will begin on Saturday March 27, 2010, and end on Thursday, September 30, 2010 (“Contest Period”). One (1) grand prize winner will be awarded a $500 home improvement gift card. HOW TO ENTER: Listeners of WCKX-FM, WXMG-FM, and WJYD-FM who are legal residents of the […]

The celebration has already begun. Concert orchestras hedge the reflecting pool on the Capitol. Celebrity guests of every walk are addressing the nation. But for…

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The new year will bring with it more opportunities for Ohioans to be ticketed and fined, but also some new benefits. Starting today, Ohioans can be ticketed and fined $100 for failing to turn on their lights when their windshield wipers are on. Law enforcement has only been issuing warnings in the […]

Anthony Hamilton’s voice just keeps getting better with time. The Grammy Award winner’s arresting voice—a favorite staple on the scene since 2003—recently provided the perfect accompaniment to Jill Scott’s earthy vocals on the captivating duet “So in Love.” Their dynamic pairing also set a record: 18 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Urban Adult Contemporary […]

When it comes to mopping the floor, it’s a pain in the butt to move the chairs around a table. However, the folks at Ikea have come up with the perfect solution. These chair hangers are brackets that mount to the underside of your table to make cleaning your floor easier. Here’s hoping the folks […]

I readCornel West‘s “Race Matters” with more of a sense of obligation than any real interest. The book’s been out since ’94 and I only got around to reading it this year, so that should tell you something. See, I think the “Black people as a scientific study” books have only been done right once: […]

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Advertising with & Radio One is the most effective way to reach the urbanColumbus Metro market.  That’s not marketing speak, it’s a fact. With just one buy you can reach your target audience on Radio-One’s # 3 local websites as well as the large number of Columbus-specific visitors on the rest of our network of national sites. You can also combine your online […]