1. NUMBER 5: Miguel: Tone

NUMBER 5: Miguel: Tone

They both have a wonderful tone and technique that helps to connect you with their feelings. Miguel and Marvin’s music have that tone that moves you no matter what type of record it is.

2. NUMBER 4: Miguel: Sexual Healing Lyrics

NUMBER 4: Miguel: Sexual Healing Lyrics

There is no doubt that both of these artists had the ability and willingness to infuse an infectious dose of sexuality and sensuality into the music they produce(d) through the arrangement, lyrics, tone and overall feeling. Songs like “Sexual Healing”, “Let’s Get It On” and “I Want You” enticed any listener to get a little closer to the one they loved or lusted for. Songs like “Do You” and “Adorn”, help to release that dopamine that makes you just want to mix it up with that special someone. (Miguel seems to be bulding up to our generations “Sexual Healing” and “I Want You”.)

3. NUMBER 3: Miguel: Change

NUMBER 3: Miguel: Change

We might not realize it now, but Miguel is helping to change some things around in the midst of a heavily Hip Hop influenced atmosphere. He is making people respect the R&B genre again. You do not have to be a R&B lover to feel his music. He has been able to outshine some artists on their own songs. Marvin also had to find himself and make major strides. He went from the Motown Machine driven by Barry Gordy to singing songs like “What’s Going On” that had a message about issues at that time.

4. NUMBER 2: Miguel: Feeling

NUMBER 2: Miguel: Feeling

Artists and fans alike say that some of the music today is missing that feeling. However, in the same breath people usually say that Miguel seems to have this “feeling” we all crave. We want to feel like we are a part of his passionate love scene or break up. It is the passion and emotion that gives us that feeling through the music. That feeling in music can be so powerful. It can change lives and perspective and yes even make babies.

5. NUMBER 1: Miguel: Collaborate

NUMBER 1: Miguel: Collaborate

Both of these artists were known to collaborate. Marvin constantly collaborated with the Motown team and artist like the late Tammi Terrell. Miguel rocks with rappers and singers alike to give them that spice.