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Tina Turner Appearing In 'John Denver And The Ladies'

Source: Walt Disney Television Photo Archives / Getty

Throughout her 50+ plus years in the music industry, Tina Turner has proved time and time again that she was simply the best. The legendary entertainer, whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock, has given us a catalog of electrifying chart-topping music. Tina Turner has sold over 100 million records throughout her career and she is the first artist to have a top 40 hit across seven consecutive decades in the UK. And did we mention those million dollar legs that were made in mini skirt heaven.

This week, the queen of Rock & Roll captured our attention again, with the release of the trailer for her new documentary titled Tina, which will be available on HBO March 27th. Like many Black women, Tina’s rise to the top was drenched in pain and trauma as she endured years of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her late husband Ike Turner. Although Tina divorced Ike in 1978, the years of abuse still hunt the Icon and she suffers from PTSD. In the documentary, Tina shares it took her many years to find success as a solo artist following her split from Ike, who died in 2007 at the age of 76.

In addition to suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Tina has also experienced other health issues and heartache. In 2013 Tina suffered a stroke and had to learn to walk again. Then in 2016 Tina was diagnosed with kidney failure and intestinal cancer which required to have a kidney transplant, with the kidney donated by her husband Erwin. However Tina’s greatest heartbreak came in 2018 when her son Craig committed suicide.

In the documentary, Tina says: “It wasn’t a good life. The good did not balance the bad.” At one point, Tina posed questions that seemed a bit cryptic, she asked, “But when do you stop being proud? I mean, when do you, how do you bow out slowly? Just go away?” Later in the documentary, her husband makes Tina’s words my clear by sharing that she told him, she said,‘I’m going to America to say goodbye to my American fans and I’ll wrap it up’. Tina’s husband Erwin Bach went on to say, “And I think this documentary and the play, this is it — it’s a closure.”

The 81-year-old superstar has devoted nearly all of her life to her career, family and fans. If this is goodbye, we honor the queen by celebrating for her sultry and influential style that remains unmatched. She brought the sexy to Rock & Roll and it made her better than all the rest.

9 Times Tina Turner’s Style Made Her The Queen Of Rock & Roll  was originally published on

1. Tina Turner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1981

Tina Turner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1981 Source:Getty

Tina Turner was known for her brawny vocals, wigs and muscular legs that allowed her to put on energetic performances that left fans dancing in the stands. Here she is photoed in a signature fringe look that become synonymous with her “Proud Mary” song.

2. Tina Turner Holborn Studios

Tina Turner Holborn Studios Source:`

When Tina divorced Ike, she embarked on a solo career that she could call her own and fully embraced Rock & Roll and she had the hair to prove it. Tina’s big bushy ash blonde hair color was a signature look that she owned completely. 

3. Tina Turner Appearing In ‘John Denver And The Ladies’

Tina Turner Appearing In 'John Denver And The Ladies' Source:Getty

In the midst of her abusive marriage to Ike, Tina never looked like what she was going through. Not only did she put on one hell of a show but she made sure she looked amazing. I know y’all didn’t think that Megan Thee Stallion was the first to serve body. 

4. Tina Turner In Detroit

Tina Turner In Detroit Source:Getty

Tina Turner released her career-defining single “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and new look on her “Private Dancer Tour”  in 1985. Here she rocks a stylish all-white look and her ash blonde tresses that would appear on the cover of her critically-acclaimed film of the same title.

5. Tina Turner

Tina Turner Source:Getty

Memorably portrayed in her biopic starring Angela Bassett, Tina Turner’s wigs were as iconic as her seductive clothing. 

6. Ike & Tina Turner Appearing On ‘In Concert’

Ike & Tina Turner Appearing On 'In Concert' Source:Getty

A key to Tina Turner’s iconic style was her toned physique that made every one of her skimpy costumes that much better. 

7. Tina Turner In Concert 1997

Tina Turner In Concert 1997 Source:Getty

Tina Turner took to the Shoreline Amphitheatre stage in this sparkling slip dress that personified her sexy showgirl style.

8. Tina Turner & Beyonce Perform

Tina Turner & Beyonce Perform Source:Getty

In 2005, Tina Turner performed alongside Beyonce at the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards wearing a metallic jumpsuit that hugged her curves and high heels that accentuated her calves. 

9. Tina Turner At Milan Fashion Week

Tina Turner At Milan Fashion Week Source:Getty

Tina Turner made an appearance at the Emporio Armani fashion show in 2011 looking youthful and stylish as always!