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When it comes to the power of manifestation, B. Simone has built her empire on it, but when she decided to share the wealth to her followers on how to use the same technique to manifest a husband, Black Twitter had more than enough to say about it.

On Sunday (Feb. 14) B. Simone took to Instagram to share some Valentine’s Day advice on how to manifest the relationship you desire by becoming the type of mate he would want first.

“Do the #ManifestLoveChallenge with me, babies,” B. Simone wrote. “Ladies make that list of your perfect man. Then make a list of the type of woman he would need by his side. Focus on becoming her🙏🏽 Let’s do this together.”

While her caption was in line with the traditional tone that B. Simone utilized to build her brand, many fans noticed that the delivery of the actual process in the video was a lot harsher.

“Ladies we have all of these things we want a man to be, but we aren’t those things,” a fiery B. Simone said. “You say you want a man who works out, but you get winded walking up a flight of stairs. You say he needs to have perfect teeth, but b*tch you ain’t been to the dentist in six years. Fix yourself sis so you can be the woman that your dream husband would like.”

While the statement may seem like common sense to most, it was the switch in her usually more positive delivery that turned a lot of fans off, with many comparing her new approach to that of problematic “relationship coach” Kevin Samuels.

Although there were a few women who applauded Simone, the general consensus wasn’t as flattering with many calling out the young mogul for offering advice that she herself hasn’t achieved, while others pointed out the hypocrisy after she was dragged last month for stating she didn’t want a man who “worked a 9-5.”

Catching wind of the slander while comment creeping, B. Simone responded to the slander seemingly unbothered encouraging women to “become the best version of you” before adding “you attract what you become.”

“God is so good ! Once you put your energy into loving yourself you’ll become the best version of you and attract what you become ❤ i truly love you all 🙏🏽 let’s manifest LOVE all 2021 and beyond, 🙌🏽” B. Simone wrote.

Check out the clip and slander below.



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