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Whew chile, we are almost at the finish line! We can finally bid 2019 farewell and usher in 2020. Let’s be clear, this year made all of us it’s bitch in some way but there were plenty of big things poppin too. Oh, and speaking of big things (pun intended), plus size women did their thing in 2019. While infighting, pushing for inclusion and visibility, and constantly defending Lizzo, plus size women managed to yet again give society the middle finger by unapologetically slaying every area of life, especially fashion.

The pretty for a big girl notion died several years ago when plus size women decided they were more than a pretty face. This was the precursor to what is now a curvy revolution that brought forth many fearless leaders like Gabi Gregg, Chante Burkett and Kristine Thompson; who were committed to promoting growth in the plus size community. Yeah, I know there are those that still frown on the visibility of plus size women in society but in the words of my girl Rapsody, I am wondering, “how a whole bunch of sheep can have opinions on a G.O.A.T(s).”

Yeah, I know you read the comments that plus comedian Loni Love made about the lack of plus size icons and some of you may agree. However, I with plus size women like Missy, Queen Latifah, Danielle Brooks and Lizzo flaunting their curves in everything from Gucci to FashionNova, I must disagree. The truth is, plus size women been it and just in case you have been under a rock that was under an even bigger rock, I am here to show you just how the curvy girls popped style in 2019.

Big Things Poppin! The Dopest Plus Size Fashion Bloggers Of 2019  was originally published on

1. Kala Riggins

2. Shaina Harrison

3. Kelly Augustine

4. Chante Burkett

5. Chastity Garner Valentine

6. Rochelle Johnson

7. Nikkie Free

8. Devorah Story

9. Alexus Rack

10. Shawana V

11. Essie Golden

12. Whitney

13. Darlene

14. Kristine

15. Francie Singh

16. Wondrea Yvette Gilmore

17. Jayme

18. Ty Alexander

19. Jamilyn Griggs

20. Crystal Thompson

21. Gavyn Taylor

22. Patrice

23. Mallory B. Richardson

24. Lolo Alexis Finn

25. Monica Day

26. Alissa Wilson

27. Kellie Brown

28. Kimberly Williams

29. Shainna Tucker

30. Peggy

31. Jamilyn Griggs

32. Allison McGevna

33. B Garrett

34. Chasity Saunders

35. Danielle Young

36. Maui Bigelow

37. Madeline Jones