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It’s National Bald is Beautiful Day, and we are here for it! At one point, being called bald was a low blow. Even though plenty of black women proudly have been rocking their hair closely cropped to their heads for centuries, society still wouldn’t allow the majority of us to release the European beauty standards plaguing us for years.

However, what was once a daring, bizarre hairstyle is now a thing. The bald ‘do is more than just a stylish look to rock; it’s a statement. It says that I’m more than my hair, and I don’t have to conform to any other beauty standards other than mine. Recently, it has become a fad to sport little to no hair, and celebrities like Doja Cat and Amina Buddafly have proudly joined the bald head club. We love when Black women defy the odds and do whatever pleases them. In a society that glorifies all things hair, it takes a bold woman to step outside the box and be a hairless individual.

Therefore, to the women who have set themselves free of judgment, free of societal norms, and free of tresses, we salute you. And here are 16 of those Black women who said f%$# it when it comes to hair.

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1. Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan Source:Getty

Sanaa Lathan got rid of her hair for her movie Nappily Ever After. But long after the movie was filmed, the gorgeous thespian continued to fiercely rock her bald look.

2. Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Source:Getty

Tamar Braxton got chopped off her mane in 2018. The artist told Page Six that her haircut represented freedom.

3. Willow Smith

Willow Smith Source:Getty

Willow Smith has always danced to the beat of her own drum. When she was a small tyke, she proved that hair wasn’t a big deal to her by cutting it off as a rebellious statement.

4. Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith Source:Getty

Jada has rocked many hairdos during her lifetime, and all of them were fly. Her recent short crop was not by choice; it resulted from her alopecia. However, homegirl is slaying the look effortlessly.

5. Amina Buddafly

Amina Buddafly Source:Getty

Just a few months ago, Amina Buddafly and her daughter debuted their matching buzz cuts. The singer captioned the picture of their hairstyle debut with, “Freedom and Peace = Happiness.”

6. Michaela Jaé Rodriguez

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez Source:Getty

MJ Rodriguez rocks her bald head like it’s going out of style. Because she is so stunning with her bald head, we hope she never parts ways with it. 

7. Doja Cat

Doja Cat Source:Getty

Doja Cat’s reason for going bald was simple. “I just do not like to have hair,” stated the artist in her IG live post. She said that hair was becoming a burden, and now she doesn’t have to consider it anymore.

8. Saweetie

Saweetie Source:Getty

Saweetie can pull off any hair trend, but this cropped cut looks fabulous on her! It accentuates her face and gives her a spicy aura. In an interview, she revealed that cutting her hair was a spiritual experience because she learned that energy is attached to hair. The big chop allowed her to free herself.

9. Yvonne Orji

Yvonne Orji Source:Getty

Yvonne Orji is a goddess with her buzz cut. Besides, who needs hair when you look as gorgeous as this baddie? 

10. Oyin Edogi

Oyin Edogi is working her bald head like a true queen. Her style plus her confidence is a recipe for greatness!

11. The Achieng Agutu

Bald and fearless is written all over The Achieng Agutu’s page. Honey is the bomb, and she radiates vibrant energy through her Instagram pictures. 

12. Msendoo Mbachilin

Msendoo Mbachilin is absolutely gorgeous with her bald ‘do. She stands firmly in her greatness, and we are loving it. 

13. KKB

KKB’s entire look is the bomb. We love that she colored her buzz cut blonde which makes it pop on her gorgeous, brown skin.

14. Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo is queening with her bald head. The way she accessorizes her look is stylish and creative. This cutie definitely has all the pizazz. 

15. Ebbi Nicole

Ebbi Nicole not only looks striking with her short crop. Her side part added extra swag to her already popping look. 

16. Sofi

Sofi is slaying her bald head like nobody’s business. She owns this look, and we definitely have to give her props for doing so.