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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Brooke Valentine might live her life on reality TV, but she had a whole baby in private. Her boyfriend Marcus Black made the announcement on Mother’s Day via Instagram, leaving fans with their mouth agape and questioning when the Girl Fight singer was even pregnant.

Marcus posted a photo with Brooke and their daughter, thanking her for giving birth to their child and acknowledging how private she is. “What do you get a woman who only wants privacy and chic-fil-a,” he wrote.

His kind message ended with a nod to their ups and downs and how strong she remained through it all.

“Through all the ups and downs, high risk appointments, hospital stays and life’s uncertainties you stayed solid. You’ve always been ten toes down. I never had to question where you stood in my life. My plan is to multiply your investment in my purpose. I love you without conditions my nigga… Happy Mother’s Day.”

Brooke has one child from a former relationship, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hemiplegia shortly after birth.

“I know a lot of parents that actually keep their kids at home because they’re afraid to talk about it with their friends and family,” Valentine told Essence in 2012. “I just want to be that voice that says it’s okay and we can make it through this. Our kids aren’t aliens. It just means you have to pay a little more attention to certain things, but they’re gonna be okay. We have to stand up and show other parents that it’s okay. It’s not going to go away any time soon, so we have to take it head on.”

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