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Follow In The Footsteps Of Marvin Gaye At Belgian Coastal City

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When it comes to the history of soul music, especially music during the golden era of Motown… there are very few that can match the legacy of Marvin Gaye.

Gaye, who tragically passed away 40 years ago today – shot by his father on April 1, 1984, one day before his 45th birthday – has remained one of the pillars of classic soul and R&B. His timeless classics are still just as influential today as they were at first release.

With a vast body of work, it should come as no surprise that we have barely scratched the surface of his genius. In fact, there could be a chance that we could here some unreleased music from the “Prince of Soul” in the future.

According to BBC, unheard music recently resurfaced in Belgium. They are in possession of the family of musician Charles Dumolin, with whom Gaye stayed with during a self-imposed exile to Europe in the early 1980s.

Attorney Alex Trappeniers, a business partner of Dumolin’s family, says that Gaye left the cassettes (along with notebooks and stage costumes) with Dumolin 42 years ago. “Marvin gave it to them and said, ‘Do whatever you want with it’ and he never came back. That’s important,” recalls Trappeniers.

The music is said to be recorded around the same time as “Sexual Healing,” which became one of Gaye’s biggest hits.

While it is unknown when (or if) the songs will see the light of day (mostly due to publishing rights), the fact that there is new music out there shows that there is a LOT more to Marvin Gaye’s artistry than just the singles.

To fully appreciate his legacy, one must dive past the radio singles and into the album cuts that truly showcased his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer. The following tracks will show just how much of an impact he has left behind, meant to be studied by every soul music fan for decades to come.

Scroll down to check out some of the songs that EVERY Marvin Gaye fan needs to hear!

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1. “Once Upon A Time” (with Mary Wells)

2. “If This World Were Mine” (with Tammi Terrell)



5. “You’re The Man”

6. “You’re All That Matter To Me”

7. “Joy”

8. “My Love Is Waiting”

9. “Heavy Love Affair”

10. “Time To Get It Together”

11. “Right On”

12. “It’s a Bitter Pill to Swallow”

13. “It’s Love I Need”

14. “Ain’t It Funny (How Things Turn Around)”