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1. Why Can’t We Have Peter Nyong’o’s Life?

Why Can’t We Have Peter Nyong’o’s Life?

Lupita Nyong’o is pretty amazing with her Oscar and all, but can we all give her brother Peter (who inserted himself into the greatest selfie of all time at the 2014 Oscars) some much-needed shine? Since Peter is a selfie pro and has no shame in sharing the dozens of pics he takes with our favorite superstars, we scanned his Instagram for the more cool photos and shared them in this gallery. Keep scrolling…

2. Hanging With Angelina and Brad

Hanging With Angelina and Brad

Peter rubbed elbows with one of the hottest couples in Hollywood.

“Pretty cool Brangie selfie huh? #oscars break. She insisted on taking it :)”

3. Hanging With A Modern Family

Hanging With A Modern Family

We’re pretty jealous of him taking a pic with funnyman Eric Stonestreet from “Modern Family.”

“Guess I’m part of a modern family too huh? #blessed #humbled #oscars”

4. Hanging With Gabrielle Union

Hanging With Gabrielle Union

He’s totally our idol.

5. Hanging With Kevin Spacey

Hanging With Kevin Spacey

Oh hey!

6. Hanging With Benedict Cumberbatch

Hanging With Benedict Cumberbatch

Peter even had a chance to take a picture with “The Lost City of Z” star Benedict Cumberbatch.

“Calling our ride home from Madonna’s #nbd #BennedictCumberbatch #6amnights”

7. Hanging With John Travolta

Hanging With John Travolta

So, now he’s friends with John? Oh. Okay.

“My buddy Travolta for the night :D guy is too funny man… #oscars”

8. Hanging With Samuel L. Jackson

Hanging With Samuel L. Jackson

What would a conversation between Peter and Samuel be like? We can only imagine.

“Royale with cheese please? #SamuelLJackson #NightBefore”

9. Hanging With John Legend (Kind Of)

Hanging With John Legend (Kind Of)

Come on, you know you’ve taken a selfie at a concert with the performer behind you.

“John Legend live #GovernorsBall #Oscars #colors”

10. Hanging With Swizz Beatz

Hanging With Swizz Beatz

Putting up the peace sign with Alicia Keys’ hubby.

“Selfie o’clock with @therealswizzz #peace #realesthomie”

11. Hanging With Jamie Foxx

Hanging With Jamie Foxx

Jamie gave Peter a moment.

“Jamie Fox feel the love homie #NightBefore #blessed #laflame”

12. Hanging With Idris Elba

Hanging With Idris Elba

There’s a lot of chocolate going on in this picture.

“#tbt chilling with @mr_elba”

13. Hanging With Tom Hanks

Hanging With Tom Hanks

Peter only hangs with legends, clearly.

“Hanks! #dreamingoutloud”

14. Hanging With Meryl Streep

Hanging With Meryl Streep

Here’s him with another one, just in case you weren’t sure.

“I feel like I had to share my final moment as the one that was most profound and special. To see someone so extraordinary seem so extraordinarily ordinary is truly extraordinary! There’s a reason why Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses. #trulyblessed #tbt #dreamingoutloud”

15. Hanging With Glenn Close

Hanging With Glenn Close

He had a chance to relax with the iconic actress.

“#regram Glenn Close”

16. Hanging With Steve McQueen

Hanging With Steve McQueen

Peter gives props to the director of the award-winning “12 Years A Slave.”

“It is a rare moment to be in the presence of a true artist… Someone who is so capable of leaving you absolutely lost for thought.. not words because clearly those are useless to describe this man… #SteveMcQueen”

17. Hanging With Bradley Cooper

Hanging With Bradley Cooper

Peter humbles himself, even when he’s hanging with the stars.

“An angel surrounded by a simple man… and Bradley Cooper”

18. Hanging With Naomie Harris

Hanging With Naomie Harris

Although he didn’t spell her name correctly, we still know he was excited to meet the “Skyfall” star.

“Naomi Harris you can be my bond girl any day of the week”

19. Hanging With Amy Adams

Hanging With Amy Adams

Peter hangs with the gorgeous Amy Adams.

“Amy Adams: “You look stunning Junior” Me: “………….” #dreamingoutloud”

20. Hanging With Julia Roberts

Hanging With Julia Roberts

We would totally kill to meet the legendary “Pretty Woman.”

“What a night… oh what a night… #PalmSpringsInternationalFilmFestival #JuliaRoberts”