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Source: Ollie Upton / HBO

HBO Max’s “House of the Dragon” released its seventh episode, “Driftmark.” It revealed more of the Targaryen family drama that they attempted to evade early on. This episode inspired fans to create some of the funniest memes to date. Read more about the latest episode and check out our favorite fan reactions inside.

The pace of the show seemed a little slow in the beginning but they surely speed things up in episode 7. We learned that the quest for power sits within every character on the show. Every character has their own motivation. Whether that is an intimate desire for their latest conquest or to gain dragon power from the dead, there are no bounds for these “House of the Dragon” characters.

Fans realize Otto Hightower is again Hand of the King, despite being away from court for a decade. Harwin is confirmed dead. Though Rhaenyra’s boys don’t have concrete proof that he is their real father, Jace senses that their mourning loyalties should lie with him. Aegon is currently engaged to his sister Helaena, and clearly not happy about it. She’s a little unusual, spending her free time whispering sweet songs to spiders and avoiding conversation with the other children.

We learned that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for the “House of the Dragon” children. The children battle it out after Aemond steals Laena’s dragon Vhagor just moments after her death. This resulted in a full on brawl amongst the kids, resulting in Aemond losing an eye.

Meanwhile, in an effort to properly punish the children for Aemond’s new look, Alicent’s eye for an eye approach leaves her looking silly in front of the entire family.

Viserys jumps to his daughter Rhaenyra and her children’s defense. In a fit of rage, Alicent goes on to commit treason, grabbing Viscery’s knife to attack Rhaenyra herself. She slices Rhaenyra’s arm and could care less about the outcome.

Adding insult to injury, he calls Alicent by his late wife, Aemma’s name. We aren’t sure if this is due to him growing senile or if he really made a slip of the tongue. Either way, Alicent was obviously pissed.

The show quickly shifts as Daemon and Rhaenyra devise a plan to fake Laenor’s death so that he may go on to live his best and most authentic life. Subsequently, Rhaenyra and Daemon finally get what they have always wanted – the proper marriage. A Black wedding is held.

Someone get the children a therapist as they have had the most traumatic 24 hours of their lives.

Check out our favorite fan reactions from episode 7 below:

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1. No One Feels Sorry For Aemond


2. Always the Quiet Ones


3. Alicent Was Wildin’


4. Not Mike Wazowski


5. Daemon’s Such A Creeper


6. Let’s Keep the Violence But With Kids This Time


7. World Star!


8. Someone Get Them Some Help At Once


9. Truly, A Beautiful Moment


10. Viserys Loves His Baby Girl


11. Turn Up The Brightness Please


12. Little Bro Is Sick


13. Viserys Said, “I’m Legally Blind”


14. Soon As Daemon Puts On That Hoodie, It’s Over With


15. Just Jokes


16. Good Job, Boys


17. Read Her For Filth


18. “Keeping Up With The Targaryens”


19. CTFU


20. Rhaneyra’s Going To Get Hers


21. Jace Getting A New Daddy Every Episode


22. A Whole Lot of Family Drama