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From the moment Ricky complimented Pray Tell’s radiant brown skin on last week’s episode of Pose, we should have known something was a brewing. But girl! We didn’t see this coming.

*Spoiler Alert*

Last night’s episode of Pose opened with a bang. Literally. A sensual, unexpected bang. Ricky seduced Pray Tell and for the first time on prime time TV, two gay HIV positive Black men made steamy sex, which he noted on Instagram with a still from the highly-talked-about-scene.

Ricky and Pray Tell’s romance was only the beginning of the audible expressions that captured our living room’s last night. Can we talk about the dinner scene? Once Ricky revealed to his ex Damon, who was ready to take him back, that he is HIV positive and that Pray Tell had been “teaching him things” (insert “how to f*ck”) Damon made sure to hold onto the tea until wine was involved. Fast-forward to his graduation celebration (Ramen in Blanca’s living room) and Angel’s coked up attitude sparking off what turned into a juicy read-off. Damon exposed Ricky’s status, called our Pray Tell and left Lulu’s jaw on the flizzor. It was even too much drama for the drama queen Elektra, who condemned Pray for sleeping with one of the sons. (As if she has room to talk with a dead body in her closet).

Anyhoo…the episode set Twitter on fire with hilarious reactions.

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