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Style Moments That Left Us Speechless in 2013 was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Kim Kardashian: MET Gala Givenchy Gown

Kim Kardashian: MET Gala Givenchy Gown

People spent the majority of Kim’s pregnancy body shaming and slamming her fashion choices and when she wore this flowery frock to the punk-themed Met Gala in February, the Internet really let her have it with couch jokes and other jabs. The verdict’s still out on whether or not Vogue’s Anna Wintour set homegirl up by approving the look, but the website definitely cut her out of the picture and only featured ‘Ye.

2. Designer Rick Owens Uses Black Sorority Steppers On Paris Runway

Designer Rick Owens Uses Black Sorority Steppers On Paris Runway

Rick Owens had Paris Fashion Week looking more like a Divine Nine step show. In September, the designer used AKAs, Deltas and groups like “Step With Momentum,” that he had recruited from The States to perform in the middle of presenting his Spring ’14 collection. The move was controversial, and didn’t really do much to help the issue of the lack of diverse *models* on the runway, but one time for the steppers.

3. Miley Cyrus: Tupac/Biggie Dress at EMAs

Miley Cyrus: Tupac/Biggie Dress at EMAs

This has to be the most awful red carpet fashion move in 2013. Miley tried it in November at MTV’s EMAs. The fact that Tupac and Biggie are positioned right between her lady parts on this skimpy creation with “Stop The” written on her butt and “Violence” over her front is just…ugh. A stadium of seats was needed for the “twearking” Pop Tart to have on many fronts this year. NEXT.

4. Trayvon Martin Halloween Costumes

Trayvon Martin Halloween Costumes

With the Trayvon Martin trial closing this year, we weren’t surprised that Halloween would unleash the ignorance in some folks. That doesn’t mean we were any less offended, though. The profile of the woman who posted this photo on Facebook has since been deleted (and she was fired from her job: http://bit.ly/1eCKTqu), but the image went viral and left us shaking our heads.

5. ELLE Magazine Editor’s Blackface

ELLE Magazine Editor’s Blackface

Sigh, because some folks just never learn. Jeanne Deroo idiotically posted this mess to Instagram after Halloween, after everyone had just been called out for blackface costumes for yet ANOTHER year. She issued a weak apology and explained that she wanted to embody Solange as her style icon (whatever, that’s not even Solo’s tone!). One way to channel a Black woman without being entirely offensive:http://bit.ly/1jFtMG

6. Barneys Catches Racial Discrimination Cases

Barneys Catches Racial Discrimination Cases

In November, the luxury retailer was accused of discrimination in two cases that sparked outrage. Trayon Christian, a 19-year-old college student, sued Barneys in NY Supreme Court, after he was falsely accused of shoplifting a $359 Ferragamo belt he bought at the Madison Ave. store. 21-year-old nursing student Kayla Phillips cited a similar story while buying a $2,500 bag. Read Barneys take: http://bit.ly/19KFlWT

7. Kanye West: Confederate Flag Jacket at Barneys

Kanye West: Confederate Flag Jacket at Barneys

Kanye made headlines after unveiling his tour memorabilia, which included this jacket. We don’t know who would ever buy clothing with the Confederate Flag on it, and we were offended when we saw him rock this jacket walking out of Barneys…just two weeks after all the racial controversies at the store. Does Kanye still care about Black people? Read his weak explanation here: http://bit.ly/1cvVUIo

8. Screaming, Naked Oprah On Dresses

Screaming, Naked Oprah On Dresses

Fashion designer Peggy Noland thought it was a grand idea to release a collection of dresses emblazoned with Oprah’s face on naked bodies of different body types. Read more about it here: http://bit.ly/K0gLXU Seriously, WTF!? How dare she disrespect the media mogul like this!