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Black Ink Crew: Chicago Confessions Special Recap

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83 / VH1

We got confessions out the New York and Compton crew, and now it’s the folks from Chicago to sit down with Marc Lamont Hill in the final episode of the Black Ink Crew Confessions special.

It’s pretty safe to assume VH1 saved the best for last because this episode had it all. There was definitely a good mix of drama, ratchetness, happiness, and a whole lot of tears shed.

The final edition of the reunion show special hosted by Marc Lamont Hill featured 9 MAG chief Ryan Henry, Miss Kitty, Don, and Phor on set. At the same time, Charmaine and Jessica later joined virtually. Like the previous two specials, Hill and the cast members revisited moments during previous episodes, specifically the COVID-19 shortened season.

No topic was left untouched, whether it was Ryan’s relationship with Rachel, Don’s marriage to Ashley, Miss Kitty’s drama with the New York crew, or Charmaine dealing with the loss of the mother during taping, which turned out to be one of the saddest moments in reality television history and her 2nd City Ink drama with former partner Jess.

The special’s host also had a moment as well. While Charmaine reflected on her mother’s passing, Hill broke down in tears as revealing he lost his father the day the special was taped. VH1 paused taping to let Hill gather himself and was resumed after a brief break.

The Chicago edition was definitely the better of the three specials. You can peep all of the “confessions” and moments we walked away with after watching it in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83 / VH1

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1. Phor Has Another Side Hustle

Phor revealed that he has an Only Fans account and that it is very profitable. 

2. Ryan Caught COVID-19

The tattoo shop owner revealed he caught the highly contagious virus. Henry believes he caught COVID-19 after letting his guard down when he hung out with a few friends and exchanging handshakes, daps, and hugs. Gotta be careful out there. 

3. Ryan and Rachel Are Done

Despite much pushing from Marc Lamont Hill, Ryan stated emphatically that he doesn’t see himself and Rachel being in a relationship again. They still will work together when it comes to raising their children, but that’s all. 

4. Kitty Doesn’t Speak With The New York Cast

Kitty revealed she does not speak with the New York cast and has no intentions of fixing that relationship either. She has moved on and is enjoying being a member of the 2nd City Ink team.

5. Kitty Says Ryan Is Just A Friend

Ryan and Kitty possibly dating have been the talk of many seasons. She revealed that yes, she finds him to be very attractive. The fact he has so many women clinging to him keeps her at bay, resulting in them being just friends despite what we see on the show and heard from Ryan during one particular episode. 

6. Charmaine & Phor Are Still Not On Speaking Terms

Charmaine and Phor’s friendship has been strained for quite some time now, which is still the case. It turns out that the beef between the former friends stems from Phor’s performance at Big Jam. Charmaine feels Phor didn’t appreciate the fact she went out of her way to get him on the stage to perform. Phor argues that he feels his hard work got him there, and he didn’t want it to look like Charmaine did everything to make the look happen for him. 

7. The Jess & Charmaine Experiement Is Done

So much for women empowerment and unity at 2nd City Ink. Charmaine and Jessica’s beef with each other is still sizzling, and the head of 2nd City Ink is over it. Charmaine claims that Jess talks behind her back. Jess denies that and feels that she was put in a messed-up situation. It’s clear the two women will never see eye-to-eye. Jess says she is done at 2nd City Ink and is opening her own shop.

8. Charmaine Is Currently In Therapy

Charmaine is still dealing with the tragic loss of her mother. She revealed she is in therapy to help her deal with her mother’s passing and being a mom in the middle of a pandemic which is understandably very stressful. 

9. Phor Used To Date Who?

Phor revealed that he used to date Kitty’s sister and doesn’t deny there is still hope for that relationship. 

10. Ryan & Ceaser Are Cool

Ryan once again reiterated there is no tension between himself and Ceaser following the whole Kitty situation that shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place. 

11. Can’t Be Getting Freaky In Public

Phor explained that his indecent exposure arrest happened becuase he was having sex in his car while driving. 

12. Don Has Big Plans

Don, who is currently a professional bodybuilder, revealed to Marc Lamont Hill that he plans to open his own gym. 

13. Kitty Goes Hollywood

Kitty revealed that she has gotten into scripted acting, we wouldn’t mind seeing more of her on our television screens period. 

14. Ryan Is Looking To Expand

Like Ceaser, Ryan wants to expand his 9 MAG brand. The tattoo shop owner revealed that he is planning on opening shops outside of Chicago but has pinpointed exactly where.