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Texas has been in the news for a host of deplorable injustices, including the killing of Botham Jean in his own Dallas apartment by a police officer and sending Crystal Mason going to jail for voting. Now, with a midterm election coming up soon, a Texas newspaper decided to get in on the act by using seriously offensive images to mock voters.

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Attorney Lee Merritt, who represents Jean’s family, brought attention to the sexist and racist cartoon that was published in the Star-Telegram.

See below:

In an unintelligent way, the paper was mocking transgender voters with the images that included a man dressed as “a woman;” Black voters with an image of Rachel Dolezal; and Native American voters with a caricature of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who just this week released controversial DNA results that she said proved she was of Cherokee heritage. Clearly, the paper was blasting the diversity of the Democratic party and the perceived and unfounded threat to white voters that they won’t get their way without voter suppression efforts.

The Star-Telegram had not issued an apology as of Friday afternoon.

On the flip side, Merritt and some of his followers tried to turn a negative into a positive. See below.

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