Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West went from being protected by their former bodyguard to needing protection from him. According to reports, the Wests threatened their former bodyguard Steve Stanulis with a $10 million lawsuit after he claimed he was fired for talking to Kim on the job and making Kanye jealous. The high-profile couple’s lawyer insists the accusations are […]

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Looking at all of the recent pictures we’ve seen of Jay Z and Beyonce it appears that they are happy together, but Bey might be still having some trust issues According to Mirror UK reports: Their marriage has been the subject on intense scrutiny since “liftgate.” And now, according to Grazia, Beyonce has hired a private detective […]

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Rumors have been floating around for some time now that Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius are more than friends. And then more recently, it was reported that they were, in face, cousins. Julius De Boer is from the Netherlands, speaks 5 languages and his boss is one of Jay-z’s personal bodyguards. He is divorced and […]

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Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius, must really love his job…this dude is around the singer more than Jay-Z.  Check out the two poolside in Argentina, we are sooo loving Beyonce’s cover-up.