VP thanks, Buckeye state and promises we won’t be forgotten. Mike Pence paid a visit to those who would listen in Reynoldsburg about the president’s promises to the state. President Donald Trump being able to win Ohio sealed the deal for his victory. Many who voted for him felt he can bring jobs back to […]

If you still riding for Samsung even after their recent fails with S7 phones exploding last year, this phone may make up for your troubles. Samsung revealed their new S8 and S8+ Galaxy phones and are advertising it as being “amazing.” What’s so amazing about this new phone. Check out the list of features that comes with the new […]

via GIPHY Crayola Crayon is doing something they have never done before, retiring one of their beloved colors in their classic 24-pack! The company announced the news earlier this week, which caused everyone to speculate which color would get the boot. Though the news was supposed to be revealed on Friday for National Crayon Day, […]

Actress Gabrielle Union has been outspoken about racial issues in the past and is currently trying to bring more awareness to the missing girls from Washington D.C. Like Union, many were outraged to see the lack of empathy and responsibility from the D.C. police department who labeled the disappearance as “normal.”   Union’s comments were […]

This is a feel good and awesome story we hope to see touch more people. The man behind the viral Facebook video that stopped two teen boys from fighting each other is now asking LeBron James for more help. See King James was the one who posted the video on his Facebook page that help […]

Just when the ink has dried on the divorce papers for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks and estrange husband Apollo Nida a judge is saying sike! According to TMZ, a judge has legally thrown out the divorce creed between the two due to “intentional misspellings” of names and Apollo stating he was under the […]

With black made and star films making millions of dollars at the box office, we have proved to Hollywood that black films can sell. With that said, it makes it a perfect time to celebrate and tell the true story about one of our queens in the civil rights movement. According to a Hollywood report from […]

It’s about to get real on the hit TV show The Carmichael Show. The series creator Jerrod Carmichael told NBC that just saying “the n-word” is “childish.” “We know what we’re talking about. We’re not speaking to children,” said Carmichael. Actress Loretta Devine, who plays Carmichael’s mother on the show, reminds folks who may be mad […]

As South by Southwest (SXSW) came to an end this weekend, The Roots came down to Austin, TX to shut down the festival. The crew had a show on Saturday (March 18) and surprised the audience by bringing out Brandy, Jidenna, Red Man, Method Man, and Frenship to the intimate stage. According to Hello Beautiful, Brandy […]