Help me out for a second.  What’s the name of that one movie?  You know, the one where the slave is set free then he goes to free other slaves and find his wife.  It got about 4 or 5 Oscar nominations.  Yeah that’s right Jamie Foxx was in it!  DJango!  Yeah that’s it. Oh, but […]

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Django Unchained, the new movie by Quentin Tarantino is playing to mixed reviews. Whites will view and review this movie one-way, and blacks will view it another way. It is not a traditional film, and it confronts black images and stereotypes head on. It forces an honest discussion on America’s race relations. Jamie Foxx is […]


John Legend‘s new song “Who Did That To You,” from the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed new film ‘Django Unchained,’ is nothing short of excellent. If you have already seen the film you should be surprised to know Legend wrote the song without visiting the set, seeing the film, or even the scene it would […]