sly stone

Legendary funkmeister extraordinaire Sly Stone (pictured left), the former front man of the iconic ’60s/’70s group Sly and the Family Stone (pictured), has struck it rich, after…

Although the latest news we’ve heard aboutSly and the Family Stone is how Sly is suing their former manager for 50 milliondollars, we have to remember the good times the pioneers of soul, funk, and psychedelia have brought us before all the drama and the drugs. Now we can flash back and travel the journey […]

R&B/funk legend Sly Stone has signed with Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Records, reports The former Sly & the Family Stone frontman is said to be working on an album for release in early summer 2010, featuring new original material and re-recorded versions of his greatest hits. Cleopatra (, distributed in the U.S. and Canada by […]