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A&E has being airing out the alleged dirty story behind the Playboy franchise ran by Hugh Hefner.  


Many blacks in America have experienced some sort of racism in modern times but did you know there were towns in America where blacks weren't allowed to live called sundown towns?

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The 17-year-old teen was arrested in his hometown of Antioch, Illinois, a city 21 miles outside of Kenosha.

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Rumors have been going around for years that Erykah Badu must have some good ‘lovin’ because she has been leaving men on read for years!  So why not capitalize on it?  And that’s just what Badu did when she announced that she would be selling incense that smelled like her lovely lady parts! Get Breaking […]

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20 year old James Fields of Ohio is seen in this video driving into a crowd killing 1 and injuring 19 others yesterday during a protest against white supremacy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Why were white nationalists marching to “Unite the Right”? Well, there is a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee that the NAACP […]

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Follow KYS On Twitter: In our new series “Rules” guests will give you the do’s and don’t’s of whats happening in their field. In our very first episode we have two ladies that will help everyone who plans to have fun in a Gentlemen’s Club. Exotic Dancers Pretty Redz and Lola give us the rundown on the do’s […]

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This might be the most scandalous break up of the year!!!  Rob Kardashian has been going in on his Instagram account because his baby mama Blac Chyna seems to be trying to make him jealous by sending him videos of her cheating with other men. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Their relationship has been off […]

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Why do people who appear on reality TV shows (or talk shows, or court shows) often suffer severe and often long-lasting psychological trauma as a result?

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  Bow down all hail the queen of booty Jennifer Lopez!  She looks good and she’s 45 years old!  What better way to promote your new booty shaking song called “Booty” than posting a picture of your natural booty?!  Her message with the photo: #bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #bootybootybootybootybootyeverywhere #jlobooty #LOL @pitbull @chrisbrownofficial @asiabryant@samhookmusic @diplo photo […]


A mother says the police have it all wrong: her 10-year-old daughter was just playing when she so-called raped a 4-year-old boy.