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Golden Brooks has a bone to pick with her “Hollywood Divas” co-star Paula Jai Parker about the cast members’ project, but Paula’s issue with Golden is of a personal nature.

“I never check a chick about my man,” Paula tells Golden in a preview of tonight’s all-new episode. “I do not appreciate you calling my man. I don’t appreciate the giggle, giggle, giggle in the background. I don’t appreciate your flirting with my man in the house of God. I don’t appreciate any of it.”

A shocked Golden can hardly hold in her amusement at the thought of lusting after Paula’s unemployed husband, and assures Paula that her husband is not Golden’s type.

“Honey, I don’t want your man. It’s laughable. I really don’t,” Golden clarified. “First of all, I like men who work.”

Watch a preview below.



Article Courtesy of S2s Magazine

Picture and Video Courtesy of TV One and S2S Magazine

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