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It’s a new day, so Orlando Scandrick has something new to say about his messy split with Draya Michele. This time, though, he’s not being a total jerk.

First he said it was a mistake to pop the question. Then he said he never actually proposed to the “Basketball Wives: LA” star and he just went along with her shenanigans, accusing her of purchasing her own engagement ring. Now, reports that he’s actually apologizing for how he’s treated her and insisting that he still loves her.

We expect he’ll change his mind (again) sometime tonight, but he’s kind of being mature about things right now!

“I want to apologize for my original statement. I let my emotions fly impulsively,” he said in a statement to “Draya is a great mother, works hard and I wish her nothing but the best. I still love her.”

He also cleared up any speculation that Draya plotted her own engagement. Confirming that reports of their betrothal were legit, he admitted. “I purchased the ring. I proposed. There was no cheating involved, we just couldn’t make it work.”

Up until now, Orlando has been a perfect example of how not to handle a broken engagement. This is exactly what he should have said from the start. He got angry and lashed out repeatedly, but he eventually got back to a place of accepting that he handled thing completely wrong and stating the fact that they didn’t work as a couple.

And that should be a lesson to anyone faced with a broken engagement. Allow yourself to deal with your emotions in a healthy way before publicly addressing the issue.

Deciding to marry someone isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. When that doesn’t work out, it’s natural to question how you’re going to carry on with life for the foreseeable future by yourself. After all, you’d planning the rest of your life around the idea of a “we.” Unexpectedly finding yourself back to “me” is really jarring.

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While no one would blame you for being hurt, you can avoid a lot more hurt when you’re as dignified and respectful about things as possible. Here are a few suggestions

Let Your Loved Ones Know The Wedding Is Off

Give your friends and loved ones enough time to return their gifts or cancel the accommodations they made to attend your wedding. Also return any gifts you have received ahead of the now-canceled wedding.

Don’t Go Into Detail

You were just about to get hitched, and everyone wants to know what happened. No one needs a play-by-play of why things went wrong, though. Just as you kept the details of your relationship to yourself, the details of a broken engagement should be filed away under “That’s My Business.” If you absolutely must go into detail, do so at a time when you are sure you can remain calm while talking about the situation. That could be weeks, months or years. You’ll know when it’s okay for you.

Talk To Someone

In some cases, one (or both) parties may even want to seek individual counseling to help work through their thoughts and feelings. Failing that, talk to someone you trust to process the information and give you good advice that is in your best interest.

Forgive The Other Person

Whether you broke the engagement or your would-be spouse left you, forgive them. In fact, you might want to thank them for saving you a much more painful divorce down the line. At least this way, you have the opportunity to meet the right person without being tied up in the wrong relationship.

Get Away For A Bit

It could be that honeymoon you planned to take, or maybe a last-minute trip you planned just for you and your besties. Maybe you might just go to the beach for a day and look at the water. It’s totally up to you. Either way, getting a little distance from your usual surroundings might be a nice break from the stress and painful memories at home.

BONUS: Don’t Trash Your Former Love

You wanted to marry them for a reason. If you can only say nasty things about them after you split up, that will make people question your judgment. Besides, it’s not like they instantly became a terrible person the moment you broke up.


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