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We are now living in a world where being monogamous and heterosexual is unusual, however it is really not that unusual for some to come out saying they are fluid sexually, a member of one of the letters of the LBGTQ or that they believe in an open relationship.  So the viral news of the day that rapper/podcaster Joe Budden allegedly confirming that he is bisexual is really not all that big of a surprise, however the surprise is that his ex Tahiry response to Joe Budden’s testimony that Joe Budden isn’t ‘Bi’ but more or less a woman beater.

On Thursday (November 4), a clip of Joe Budden co-hosting Episode 485: “Y’all Must Be New Here” of his popular podcast has gone viral after Joe Budden  put this tid bit out for people to share:

“I’m bisexual,” he says matter-of-factly. “How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word? Listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.”


Joe Budden is clearly happy about the viralation of his revelation however what he is probably not happy about is the response to his admission that came from his ex Love and Hip Hop star Tahiry Jose  who took to her social media to say this about Joe Budden:

Tweet 1:  Joey May be a women beater but far from Bi… and Vado better stop calling , DM’ing me and popping up to my old crib. I’m jus sayin…Tweet 2: Na, i would’ve known! We did things. & ’m submissive…. ONLY IN BED! So that’s a hard pass. No point intended. Lol…Tweet 3:  I’ve put the past behind me….THANK YOU THERAPY…. Phone please stop ringing!!!! He’s a calculated person, a smart person, so smart , it’s hurts him a lot of the times! stay tuned!…Tweet 4: I mean he got a little money now and ninjas that ain’t never had nothing might just get excited, bored & want to try new things. If so… please let him LIVE! 


Can’t we all just get along!?  I guess not.

Back in 2020 Joe Budden went on record claiming his ex Tahiry Jose used to physically abuse him while labeling her a “cancerous, toxic liar.” after Tahiry was accused of assaulting 3 people on ‘LOVE & HIP HOP: NEW YORK’ set.

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