Buying a car during the coronavirus crisis might be the last thing you’re thinking about, but now is actually a good time to do it because the auto industries are hurting, according to experts. According to Yahoo! Finance’s Rick Newman, April sales are down 46 percent to a 50-year low. That means there are some […]

National News

Beyoncé buys out her clothing line, Ivy Park, from billionaire accused of harassment. According to NBC news the Billionaire was accused of several sexual harassment and rape accusations. The singers company known as Parkwood Entertainment now owns 100 percent of Ivy Park clothing line. Beyoncé has been trying to obtain the company for almost a […]

Celebrity News

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are apparently proud new owners of an $11 million mansion. The TV personality and the rapper announced last month they are expecting their first child, and now it seems they have purchased a luxury nest in anticipation of their new arrival. TMZ reports the couple have invested in a lavish […]


The entire country is talking about the mega millions jackpot! People are lined up around blocks trying to get their “golden ticket” to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Every combination of every number sequence has been played so somebody is going to win. Hopefully it is one of you! But before you start […]


Advertising with & Radio One is the most effective way to reach the urbanColumbus Metro market.  That’s not marketing speak, it’s a fact. With just one buy you can reach your target audience on Radio-One’s # 3 local websites as well as the large number of Columbus-specific visitors on the rest of our network of national sites. You can also combine your online […]