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Evelyn Lozada had a tearful breakdown on social media yesterday (July 16th) as she explained how hurt she is over some recent comments made by her ex husband, Chad Johnson. She also expressed how it wasn’t the first and only time that he abused her. Watch Evelyn’s video below: Evelyn’s video is in response to […]

The Boy Scouts of America has officially filed for bankruptcy after thousands of lawsuits due to claims of sexual abuse. According to CBSNews.com, the Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court sets into motion what could be one of the largest, most complicated bankruptcies ever seen. Tons of lawyers are seeking settlements on behalf of […]


With the up and down temps, there are a lot of unavoidable potholes not only in Central Ohio but around the state as a whole. If you were one of the unfortunate ones to get car or tire damage from running into one of the dreaded holes, there is a process to possibly get some […]

Celebrity News

Actor Michael Douglas taught the world at least one thing Monday: oral sex can sometimes cause cancer. In an interview published in the Guardian newspaper, Douglas appeared to blame his own battle with throat cancer on oral sex – although that interpretation was later disputed by one of his representatives. The Guardian quoted Douglas as […]