Dr. Phil has a message on how to stop the spread of COVID-19. Stop Cheatin! All that humpin around spreads the disease from person to person. Dr. Phil appeared in a video call with TMZ Live, where he shared his disgust with people that are cheating, calling them selfish, immature and reckless. Dr. Phil says […]

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  The downward spiral of headlines related to Bobbi Kristina Brown being found face down and unconscious in her Georgia home continues. A perceived rift among members of the Brown family allegedly caused by suspicion over Nick Gordon’s involvement in the incident, hotel fights, and alleged reality show aspirations have taken a backseat to any […]

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  It looks like Nick Gordon isn’t using Dr. Phil to spill the tea on the Houston family, but looking to get help for his alcohol and drug addiction. A new preview of the interview shows a seemingly distraught Gordon sitting beside his mother on Dr. Phil’s couch. This is the first time we’ve ever […]

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  In another move that leaves us questioning the Houston’s family concern for their dying loved one, Nick Gordon (Bobbi K’s boyfriend) plans on revealing what happened to Bobbi K before she was found face down in bath tub, to none other than Dr. Phil. No, we didn’t spell police wrong, you read “Dr. Phil.” […]

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One international scam artist has hit pay dirt with a woman who has sent him more than $1 million because she thinks they’re in love.…


Ted Williams,  the man with the golden voice, visits Dr. Phil again for part 2 of his talk with Dr. Phil. Watch highlights from yesterday’s show above. On today’s episode in which Ted’s family and children from Columbus,  Ohio join him on the show. Dr. Phil airs at 3pm eastern on 10tv in the central […]