With less traffic on the roads it’s very tempting to take advantage of the open highways. Officials are concerned about the recent increase in more drivers that are super speeders and/or driving recklessly. According to Newser.com, the Governors Highway Safety Association reports there’s been a “severe spike” in speeding on U.S. roadways, as well as […]

Many people are not driving as much as they used to because of the stay at home order and many of them are choosing to cancel their car insurance to save money. Insurance companies are saying that this is not a good idea. According to Nicole Peck from Zebra.com, that is not the way to […]


COTA is doing their part to help out during the Coronavirus pandemic. According to Transportation officials, COTA has announced it will be suspending fares and loading riders through the rear doors in order to service the community and protect the drivers. According to NBC4i.com, the order has been approved by the COTA committee, was signed […]