Jay Z, Beyonce, and Blue Ivy caught a lot of flack for sitting during the National Anthem during Sunday nights big game. Tons of people had their opinion on the Carter’s patriotism, not Jay Z is speaking on why they didn’t stand, and it’s not what you think. In the video, when asked by the […]

Wendy Williams is addressing #FartGate, the fart heard around the world. An oddly enough, she and her team are denying that the gossip girl let one loose on live tv. Check out what Wendy had to say about it and what she and her staff says really happened below. In the video Wendy says, “I […]

Outkast fans have been waiting patiently for years for the group to release a new album or either get a new solo effort from Andre 3000. It looks like the wait goes on because Andre has no plans to release any music anytime soon. Listen Below:   In a new interview on Rick Rubin‘s Broken Record podcast, Andre 3000 […]

The biggest question on everyone’s minds lately is what was Rihanna thinking when she let Chris Brown back into her life…well at least her singing career. Well wait no more, here is what she had to say. “I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake’ because that’s the only person that really — it […]