Dentist have coined a new phrase and it’s called, ‘Mask Mouth.’ Apparently, wearing a mask all the time is creating new dental issues for some people and dentist are warning the public about it. According to FoxNews, Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-found of One Manhattan Dental explains, “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums […]


Man! It’s already sweltering hot out here in these skreets and now we have to figure out a way to wear a face mask without passing out in all this heat. Here are 5 tips on wearing your face mask this summer.   Here are a few tips to help you make it through this […]


The day is finally here that retailers are free to open their businesses back up to the public after weeks of being shut down due to the pandemic. Approximately 90% of the state’s economy will be back open, according to Gov. Mike DeWine, but things will look a little different. According to, our favorite […]

A new study of how long the coronavirus can live on different surfaces found that it can live on the outside of surgical masks for one week. According to BusinessInsider,  new report published in the journal Lancet found the virus lasted on the outside of a surgical mask for 7 days. It did die quickly […]