The world has drastically changed right before our eyes. Companies are seeing how the can cut cost and overhead by having their employees to continue to work from home even when the stay at home orders are lifted. Some Americans are totally okay with that. According to PRNewswire, a new survey talked to 1,000 people […]

  The Mayor of Alton, Illinois asked his police force to strictly enforce the strict stay-at-home order that he put into place. Then his wife gets caught at a local bar, violating that exact order. Ain’t that some ish?! According to CBSNews, the wife of  Illinois Mayor Brant Walker, was discovered violating the strict stay-at-home […]


Governor Mike DeWine has issued a ‘stay at home’ order for the state of Ohio. With this being the first time that many of us have gone through something of this magnitude, some Ohians are not quite sure if the order means that they should stay at home or show up for work. If your […]