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It’s sometimes impossible to explain Greek life to someone who isn’t a part of it. It’s difficult to truly explain the feeling of brotherhood or sisterhood, the connection you feel that spans back to the founding of your organization. Until now.

Thanks to John Ledbetter, a member of the Beta Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at Virginia State University, that feeling is embodied in 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

The video, which went viral April 10th, documents twenty-two men as they transition into members of the Fraternity. Aside from Dear Euphoria’s “That You Would”, the video is silent, but the emotion captured speaks incredible volumes. The clip, which follows the line in their last moments before the probate show to the men stepping in adverse weather, conveys the excitement, the nerves, pride and of course, devotion and love that is present in that stadium.

That’s probably why the video received a flood of praise across all of the Greek-letter councils and over 87,000 views in 12 short days.

Ledbetter, who is a 2003 initiate of the Beta Gamma Chapter, is quoted as saying “A lot of people are fascinated because we don’t see shows like that nationwide anymore. But my style is not scripted. What I did was just off of feeling”

Experience the video for yourself.


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