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Three might be company but four requires a permit. When Drake re-opened the door to his broken heart on “Marvin’s Room”, we’re sure he didn’t expect this many guests. Since releasing the track on his OVO (October’s Very Own) blog four different remixes have been released by Jojo (singer), Teyana Taylor, Sammie, and Chris Brown. While most folks can relate to pining away for a lost love it’s getting a little ridiculous.  Drake needs to close the guest list or call the fire warden.

Why exactly is everyone doing this record over? The kid literally sounded drunk and slurred at some points as he sang: “I’m jus saying you can do better.” It’s bitterness at its highest level, but maybe that’s why people like it so much. It’s honest.  And as long as we’re telling the truth let’s get into some of these remixes and figure out if any of them are worth the effort.

1) Jojo, who’s album Jumping Trains is coming later in 2011, was the first to release her remix. Drake released “Marvin’s Room” June 9th and a few days later Jojo popped up and dropped her remix right on his heels. She was able to bring more aggravation and anger into “Marvin’s Room.” Jojo sang with sass, attitude and vengeance! Her remix has currently amassed over two million views on Youtube. I’m just waiting for her to drop a music video for fans to enjoy.


2) Two weeks after “Marvins Room” debuted, Teyana Taylor performed her version live during an exclusive Ustream session. She made the audio available for download a few hours later. While Teyana sang softly, her version was “cute” and “light” compared to the previous versions. “Her Room” sounded like a “nice song” instead of a song sung by a bitter Ex boyfriend/girlfriend. However, Teyana’s been the only one to release a video featuring Omarion as her ‘video hoe/eye candy’ (whichever term you prefer).

3) On his version of “Marvin’s Room Sammie added a more polished R&B sound to Drake’s hybrid rapper/singer crooning. Sammie does his thing whining for his girl to come back to him, but his version was not convincing. He tried to replicate Drake rapping on the last verse, but all singers do not need to try their hand at rapping. It was mildly impressive and I would have prefered a new song instead; if you do a remix DO a remix.

4) Lastly, C. Breezy (Chris Brown for those who aren’t #TeamBreezy) was able to bring an actual response. Chris offered an alternate perspective to Drake taking on the role of “Marvin.”  Chris forcefully sang that he’ll put it down so well that she’ll (hmm is she Rihanna?)  never want to look back at Drake and his cryin’ ass again. It was refreshing because Chris Brown made it known to his girlfriend that he was aware of the phone call but she’s with him now.

If one more person does a remix to “Marvin’s Room” do we need to call the Fire Marshall and put a cap on this trend? Sound off!


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