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We’ve lost a great deal of musical legends in the past few years. One that particularly hit me hard was our departed brother Gil Scott-Heron. The fiery, political voice of his generation — and many others — Gil’s music informed political protest and shaped the young spirit of hip hop in its early days. Gil’s musical influence can even be felt today, just ask Drake and Rihanna, whose “Take Care” is a remake of a remix of his remake (say that four times fast). Still, nobody did it quite like Gil. That’s why many thanks are in order for music lover Theo Jemison, who happened to record moments of the legend’s last performance in Los Angeles. In the recording, we get a bit of Gil’s onstage banter and a feel for his demeanor. We also get a taste of classics that he and Brian Jackson created back in their heyday like “We Almost Lost Detroit,” “Winter in America,” and “The Other Side.” If you’ve seen Gil live before and want to relive a bit of that magic or if you never got the pleasure of the experience, take some time to watch this video and take in Brother Gil’s wise words and meaningful music one last time. [H/T: OKP]

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